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Being Licensed and Ordained in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church

The Holy Scriptures teach that Jesus Christ gave gifts to the church for the building up and edification of his body.  Such gifts include men who are duly ordained to the gospel ministry.  Holy Scripture requires that men called to the gospel ministry first demonstrate that they possess the requisite gifts for ministry, in order that the churches may have an opportunity to form a better judgment respecting the gifts of those by whom they are to be instructed.  The Holy Scriptures require that some examinations be previously made of those who are to be ordained to the ministry of the gospel in order that this sacred office may not be degraded by being committed to weak or unworthy men.  For this purpose candidates for ordination shall first be licensed by a presbytery to preach the gospel as probationers (licentiates).  After a period of probation sufficient to make trial of their qualifications and service, and having received reports that their services are edifying to the church, a presbytery may in due time proceed to ordain such probationers (licentiates) to the sacred office.  Candidates for office are provided oversight through the presbytery’s Candidates and Credentials Committee.

Please contact us to request a free copy of a booklet explaining the ordination process in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.