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The Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension

  • Assists the presbyteries of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church to plant new churches throughout the United States and Canada
  • Assists presbyteries in supporting regional home missionaries, who identify and develop new church planting sites and help new congregations to find organizing pastors
  • Has a special concern for the large metropolitan areas of North America and for the urban centers of many cities
  • Conducts training seminars for church planters
  • Introduces seminary students to ministry in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church
  • Helps established congregations find pastors
  • Provides an OPC Loan Fund to help congregations in need of property and buildings

About the Committee

Since its beginning in 1936 the Orthodox Presbyterian Church has had a Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension to assist with the establishment of new churches. The General Assembly elects nine ministers and six ruling elders to carry out this task. To accomplish their work they have been authorized to call and employ a general secretary and an associate general secretary and other staff as the need arises. The Committee meets four times a year (usually at the OPC Administration Office Building in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania) to approve funding for new works, to set budgets, to review policies, and to direct the work of their employed staff.